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The materials below are intended for you to customize to your shoe drive fundraiser. You’ll find all of the marketing and promotional materials you’ll need to make your no-calorie fundraiser a great success. We encourage you to use various methods to market your fundraiser, including digital, social media and print. Remember to use plenty of great photos and videos to showcase on social media. You’ll also find a press release template so you can promote your fundraiser to the media in your community.

To download any of our content below please just click on the link and the document will either open in a new window/tab, or it may directly download. All Word Documents take a second before downloading.

Marketing Templates

Media Releases

shoe drive plannings

shoe drive guidelines

additional shoe drive materials

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Per the signed shoe drive agreement between your organization and Funds2Orgs, you will receive a Starter Kit with rubber bands and collection bags. If you need extra material, please speak with your fundraising coach to discuss the right quantity of new Starter Kits you need. Shoe drive partners may be eligible for more Starter Kits at no additional cost per their signed agreements.

Funds2Orgs will reimburse your organization the cost of additionally purchased Starter Kits if you have filled your new supplies plus your original Starter Kit at the time of reconciliation. (Please note: There will be no reimbursements for materials purchased outside of Funds2Orgs.) Purchase price includes all shipping and handling costs.

  • $35 for 50 bag Starter Kit, including shipping. This kit includes 50 bags, 1250 rubber bands (2 bags) and related marketing materials.
  • $60 for 100 bag Starter Kit, including shipping. This kit includes 100 bags, 2500 rubber bands (3 bags) and related marketing materials.

Purchase An Additional Starter Kit

Collection Box


At the request of some of our shoe drive fundraising partners, we’ve developed a shoe collection box, which you can customize to your brand. Because not all partners want or need the collection box, and due to the production expense, we offer the collection box to any partner who wishes to purchase it from Funds2Orgs. The package contains two (2) individual collection boxes for the price of $40.00 plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 square. It is 28 inches tall when assembled.

To purchase the collection box pack, click the “Purchase Collection Box Pack” button below.


Purchase Collection Box Pack

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