Kevin Albert

Fundraising Coach

Beth Blackwell

Management Information Systems Specialist

Brandon Busche

Fundraising Coach

Judith Camacho

VP Finance/Compliance

Jim Cundiff

Fundraising Coach

Courtney Eaton

President – Logistics

Wayne Elsey

CEO | Head Coach

Victoria Farrer

Manager, Client Success

Deborah Fede

Shipping and Receiving

Angela Foglesong

VP Branding

Kristy Fontelera

VP - Marketing

Earl Foxx

Fundraising Coach

Nicole Freese

Fundraising Coach

Beth Gordon

Sneakers4Funds - Strategic Marketing

Johanna Heiber

Client Success Specialist

Tom Henderson

President/Chief Fundraising Strategist

Cody Hunter

Operations Specialist

Yvonne Keller

Chief Operations Officer

Rafi Norberg

Marketing Strategist

Donna Paulus

VP of Client Relations

Roberto Santoni

Corporate Attorney

Linda Spencer

Content Creator

Uriel Tarin

Rest in Peace
1984 - 2017

Tyler Tucci

Logistics Specialist

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