Cash4Shooz was created out of frustration when yet another “packet” came home with one of Cindy’s three boys. As a parent, you know you either purchase another unwanted fundraiser “item,” go door to door selling, or call all the relatives or make a monetary donation. Enough was enough! Cindy founded Cash4Shooz. Through the years, the company worked with all types of organizations, including schools, churches, sports teams, families and more.

In March of 2018, Cash4Shooz was bought by the leading shoe drive fundraising company in North America, Funds2Orgs, for an undisclosed amount. It was immediately integrated into the Funds2Orgs portfolio of shoe drive fundraising brands.

Funds2Orgs’ wanted to differentiate Cash4Shooz from its other shoe drive fundraising brands, and decided to rebrand Cash4Shooz with a particular focus on schools, youth groups, PTA’s, PTO’s, booster clubs and youth groups.

This no-calorie fundraiser makes sense for schools, youth clubs, parent groups and school organizations because there’s no need to sell empty calories and merchandise no one wants to buy. There’s also no need to collect money from anyone, so it’s a “kid-friendly” fundraiser.

Almost all families and people have gently worn, used and new shoes they no longer want, so why not get paid to repurpose these items for your next fundraiser? Supporters will have clean closets, more room in the garage and storage places, and your group will earn in this fun and easy fundraiser.

Cash4Shooz strives to bring you a new way to raise funds with no out-of-pocket costs to you or your participants, in a positive and stress-free environment.

Nothing to buy, nothing to sell, and kid-friendly! There’s no better fundraiser!

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