What if there was a way to raise funds for your school, group or youth group that didn’t involve the sale of candy, cookie dough, and empty calories?


Cash4Shooz, a brand of the largest shoe drive fundraising company in North America, Funds2Orgs, works with schools, parent groups, PTAs, PTOs, youth groups and booster clubs. Cash4Shooz partners with them to raise money by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes. It is the best “no-calorie fundraiser” out there and doesn’t require anything but shoes. Cash4Shooz issues your school, group or club a check for the shoes collected. The more shoes you gather, the more money you raise. It’s simple, easy and fun and helps you increase team, school and community spirit in the process!

For this, no-calorie fundraiser, all you have to do is:

Promote your shoe drive fundraiser with the help of Cash4Shooz.
Collect gently worn, used and new shoes from your families and community.
Cash4Shooz will pick up the footwear from your location.
Put the check you receive from Cash4Shooz to good use!

A Zero Calorie Fundraiser for your team, club or group!

Ready to start?

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